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23 Nov | Exploratory talk, meal and performance | Papey Listskjul/Land Art Papa Westray | Orkney

"Henrik Hedinge ended his residency chez Papey Listskjul/Land Art Papa Westray with a combined exploratory talk, meal and performance evening. He invited all the participants to play with his memory i.e. with a memory game he made out of performance documentations of his performances in Latin America.
Then it was time for food! Warm food! Starting with traditional Swedish pea soup with a Papayan twist - ulva seaweed and palmaria palmata seaweed. Then local peeled potatoes boiled in sea water. Ending the meal with a vodka shot together with a piece of frozen jellyfish.
Food was over. Performance next! We started with buoyball. Two teams. Starting with a small buoy found on the beach as the football. After the first goal we changed to a bigger buoy and played with that one until someone scored. Then a bigger buoy etc.
The event ended with Henrik doing a local adaption of his performance from the Exist-ence 5 performance festival in Australia, but here with whale bones from a whale that stranded on our shores some years ago." 

viernes, 15 de noviembre de 2013

Nov | Residency | Papey Listskjul/Land Art Papa Westray | Orkney

By a generous invitation of Papey Listskjul/Land Art Papa Westray I spent a month exploring the island and combining the experiences with my own practice as an artist.
Collecting seaweeds. Learning seaweed names. Cocking seaweeds for food. Swimming with seals. Dancing Orkney folk dances. Learning how to make Clapshot. Exploring local etymology for Jellyfish (skoldur). Sperm whale ribbs. Cakes. Hong Kong pancakes. Muckle Supper.

viernes, 9 de agosto de 2013

9 Aug | Performance and lecture | Auckland Old Folks Association | Auckland, New Zeeland

Dear all, You are warmly invited to the following performance event by the Swedish artist Henrik Hedinge, this Friday night, 7pm at the Auckland Old Folks Association Hall, Gundry St, Newton (off K Rd).
Come into the sea with me. On land trial. Performance art actions and talk on the recent performance art and live art festival Exist-ence5 (Australia) by Henrik Hedinge. He has presented performances, workshops and lectured in more than 20 countries in Europe and in Latin America. From the Venezuelan National museum of the Arts to zebra crossings in Montevideo. Fruity Torture, GenderFlux, SeaFootball and Cacti Croquis are some of the titles of his work.

Auckland Old Folks Association https://www.facebook.com/AKLOldFolks
Exist-ence Performance Art Festival, Australia http://existenceperformanceart.wordpress.com

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27 July | Performance | Brisbane Emerging Art Festival | Brisbane, Australia

He has criss crossed the continent of Europe with the Italian anti dandruff shampoo aria. He has continually broken the Swedish crisp bread records travelling through the lands of Sweden. And now he has come here for his performance on toast. Henrik will perform in the foyer space of the Judith Wright Centre, Brisbane, Australia. http://beaf.org.au/beaf-2013/

lunes, 8 de julio de 2013

12 July | Performance workshop | Exist-ence5 @ A is for Atlas | Melbourne, Australia

Anyone up for some CarrotBodyMods?
Performance workshop organised by me and 'A is for Atlas' in Melbourne. Find more info here:


jueves, 4 de julio de 2013

5 July | Workshop | Exist-ence5 @ QCA Project Gallery, Queensland College of Art | Brisbane, Australia

Organising a performance workshop together with Sari Kivinen during the Exist-ence5 performance festival at the QCA Project Gallery, Queensland College of Art. Sucess!   


viernes, 7 de junio de 2013

7 June | Article | Australia

Realtime Arts writes on the topic of the performance festival EXIST-ENCE 5 (2013):

"Boyish, long-haired Henrik Hedinge (Sweden) appears on Vimeo conducting odd tasks—walking on a row of wheat grain biscuits and making crude gloves for passersby with cabbage leaves and a stapler. But there are more visually striking, even disturbing instances of his work. Morton says that Hedinge is currently focused on “morphing the body into the environment.” In recent work he has camouflaged himself in a room full of balloons, merged with foliage and now, “by strapping machine-like apparatuses to his body,” is becoming one with industrial society. "

lunes, 8 de abril de 2013

Årstein Action Float 2 in AutoCad3D / “El Sueco que se fue por Paraguay para aprender AutoCad.”

Årstein Action Float 2 in AutoCad3D / “El Sueco que se fue por Paraguay para aprender AutoCad.”
THE BRIDGE is Årstein brua in Norway  http://no.wikipedia.org/wiki/Årsteinbrua
CREATED during Art Box Residency in Serbia [http://www.transartists.org/air/artbox] PROCESSED during workshop at Saltodigital in Paraguay [https://www.facebook.com/saltodigitalpy]

miércoles, 27 de marzo de 2013

15 Marzo | Proyecto de Performance | Asuncion, Paraguay

"Pe sueco hina ojeha'e akue paraguaype opyta jetavy'o autocad." (Guarani) ///
“El Sueco que se fue por Paraguay para aprender AutoCad”. (Castellano) /// "The Swede who went to Paraguay to learn AutoCAD." (English)

Iniciando la exploracion de AUTOCAD en arte con un taller en Saltodigital en Paraguay. /// Starting the exploration of AUTOCAD and art with a workshop at Saltodigital in Paraguay.  [https://www.facebook.com/saltodigitalpy]

martes, 26 de marzo de 2013

8 March | Interview | Paco Magazine | Buenos Aires, Argentina

This is a translation of the interview in the Argentinean magazine Paco: 

Dance with the penguins till the end of the day.

How was your first performance?

It was a project with installations on three islands in a deep lake in Sweden. I brought out all the materials to the islands, installed one installation on each island and made ​​some performances with accidental audiences and black and white photo documentations. People were shouting from passing boats and the local newspapers published several articles. The local people still remember the project asking for more. It was in 2003 before the university of art, out of context and scope of art institution.

Are there differences between Scandinavian and Latin American audiences?

No idea. After sejour in South America 2008-2009 probably thought there was a big difference between the two audiences but now with a few years of experience I do not know. It depends on the person and the context.

What do you do now?

Investigating AutoCad, technical illustration, marine engineer, under water cameras, rappelling, micro movements in water, Paraguayan indigenous languages and yoga. At this moment trying to start the performance: "The Swede who went to Paraguay to learn AutoCAD."

What do you like most about Latin America?

The red arepas of Caracas. The Paraguayan jujo. The avocados from Chile. The buses of Buenos Aires. The patacones of Bogota. The footballs of frozen strawberry juice in Quito. The metro station in Montevideo. All countries and regions and cities and towns are different, people have things in common and everything changes. But I do not like dengue.

You spoke of Antarctica, what performance would do on the Antarctic ice?
I would throw me onto the ice.
I would embrace it.
I would sleep with it.
Rest with ice.
Feel the ice.
Would make a football of Antarctica.
I would get into the sea and swim and try to return the icebergs to the South Pole.
I would freeze my foot.
Dance with the penguins till the end of the day.

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8 Marzo | Entrevista | Revista Paco | Buenos Aires, Argentina


Ahora una entrevista en REVISTA PACO:  Un artista sueco

"Por el momento tratando de arrancar el performance: “El Sueco que se fue por Paraguay para aprender AutoCad”." 

"Bailaría con los pingüinos hasta el fin del día."

martes, 5 de marzo de 2013

MAP of Henrik Hedinge Art 2012

Vis Henrik Hedinge Art 2012 i et større kart

Annual summary of the artistic activities of Henrik Hedinge in 2012.
Resumen anual de las actividades artísticas de Henrik Hedinge en 2012.

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sábado, 5 de enero de 2013

Nos vemos?


Me voy por por el lado Porteño y Paraguay entre 8 de enero y marzo. Nos vemos?


Un poco de lo que paso en Argentina en 2008-2009

Un poco de lo que paso en Paraguay en 2008-2009 

viernes, 4 de enero de 2013

"Jag vill bli ett med elementen." (1995)

"Jag vill bli ett med elementen.

Jag vill borra mina händer genom
den fuktiga myllan.
Jag vill känna vinden i mitt hår.
Jag vill sväva ut i sjöars blåa vatten.
Jag vill tappa begreppet om tid framför
en lägereld.

Jag vill bli ett med elementen."


"I want the elements to touch me.

I want to sink my hands into
the moist soil.
I want to feel the wind in my hair.
I want to drift of into the blue waters of lakes.
I want to lose the concept of time in front
a campfire.

I want to become one with the elements."


"Quiero que los elementos me tocan.

Quiero sumir mis manos en la
la tierra húmeda.
Quiero sentir el viento en mi cabello.
Quiero flotar en los aguas azules de lagos.
Quiero perder el concepto de tiempo frente a
una fogata.

Quiero ser uno con los elementos."

Entrevista y Minidocumental | Tarragona, Catalunya

Entrevista de Pedro Alba sobre mi performances y con algunos acciones nuevos por el proyeto Catalá de El Retrete Rosa.