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8 March | Interview | Paco Magazine | Buenos Aires, Argentina

This is a translation of the interview in the Argentinean magazine Paco:

Dance with the penguins till the end of the day.

How was your first performance?

It was a project with installations on three islands in a deep lake in Sweden. I brought out all the materials to the islands, installed one installation on each island and made ​​some performances with accidental audiences and black and white photo documentations. People were shouting from passing boats and the local newspapers published several articles. The local people still remember the project asking for more. It was in 2003 before the university of art, out of context and scope of art institution.

Are there differences between Scandinavian and Latin American audiences?

No idea. After sejour in South America 2008-2009 probably thought there was a big difference between the two audiences but now with a few years of experience I do not know. It depends on the person and the context.

What do you do now?

Investigating AutoCad, technical illustration, marine engineer, under water cameras, rappelling, micro movements in water, Paraguayan indigenous languages and yoga. At this moment trying to start the performance: "The Swede who went to Paraguay to learn AutoCAD."

What do you like most about Latin America?

The red arepas of Caracas. The Paraguayan jujo. The avocados from Chile. The buses of Buenos Aires. The patacones of Bogota. The footballs of frozen strawberry juice in Quito. The metro station in Montevideo. All countries and regions and cities and towns are different, people have things in common and everything changes. But I do not like dengue.

You spoke of Antarctica, what performance would do on the Antarctic ice?
I would throw me onto the ice.
I would embrace it.
I would sleep with it.
Rest with ice.
Feel the ice.
Would make a football of Antarctica.
I would get into the sea and swim and try to return the icebergs to the South Pole.
I would freeze my foot.
Dance with the penguins till the end of the day.

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