viernes, 30 de diciembre de 2005

2005 | CV 2000 - 2005

Film Screenings

3 Islands 3 Installations, Gislaved Film Festival, February 2003, Hestra, Sweden
On the Beach, Side Cinema, November 2005, Newcastle, England.

Organizing of Film Screenings

A Fine Art Video and Film Screening, 29th November 2005, The Lonsdale and City Cinemas plus
The Unit Bar, Carlisle, England
Curated a programme of around twenty short films by around twenty artists.

Solo Exhibitons

Bamboo, Bambu, Bambo, Gislaved City Library, October 2002, Gislaved, Sweden

3 Islands 3 Installations, 3 islands in lake Sommen, July 2002, Blåvik, Sweden

Group Exhibitions

Tooth n claw, May 2005, Ye Old Bank Gallery, Carlisle, England

Blank Check, February 2005, Cumbria Institute of the Arts, Carlisle, England

4 Studentkonstnärer 2 studentrum, March 11th, 2000, Vildanden, Lund, Sweden


Between East and West, The Blanc Cheque Group Show, March 2005, Cumbria Institute of the Arts,
Carlisle, England.
Red and White, Cumbria Institute of the Arts, October 2005, Carlisle, England
Green and Black, Unit Bar, December 2005, Carlisle, England
Red and Yellow, The Source, December 2005, Carlisle, England

The Italian anti dandruff shampoo opera, Open Mic Event, March 2004, The Source, Carlisle, England

\ / , Älgmossen (the Elk wetland in Swedish), July 2003, Gislaved, Sweden


- Konst i granskapet [Art in the neighborhood], 12062003 Lena Gärdemalm, Värnamo Nyheter,.
- Profil: Språkmästare mot okänt mål [Profile: Master of language towards new goals], Kenneth Larsson, 07042003, Finnveden Fredag

- Installationer på öar [Installations on islands], 17072002, Britta Andersson, Östgöta Correspondenten

miércoles, 14 de diciembre de 2005

14 Dec | Performance Festival | The Sourze | Carlisle. England

First performance event that I initiated. Carlisle UK 2005. Beautiful poster painted by Johanna Gullin. Solo performances and in different constellations by Alex Billingham, Johanna Gullin and Henrik Hedinge. Thomas Soare banging along on the drums, Benjamins Leftfoot inventing sounds with invented instruments and Barry Cox doing the electronic sounds. Beatriz Cebas holding the documenting camcorder.