sábado, 29 de septiembre de 2007

Yttre Vång: Performance presentations

During the two day art and culture event "Yttre Vång" organized by various artist in the countryside around the city of Älmhult in southern Sweden in the late Swedish summer of 2007.

I presented a talk about a number of performance artists togehter with video documentations of the Colombian performance artist Carlos Alberto Amaya Coronado and videos and photos of the artists Sayuri Guzmán and Lina Aybar from the Dominican Republic.

Thanks to Iris Perez for the help with the contact with the artists from the Dominican Republic.

Some documentation of the whole event here http://yttrevang.se/bildarkiv/2007-2/ and www.likeisaidyes.com
Main site of the event is http://yttrevang.se