domingo, 2 de octubre de 2005

29 Nov | Video Art Screening and post event | Lonsdale City Cinema | Carlisle, England

The Lonsdale Screening: Video Art

The 29th of November at the Lonsdale City Cinema between 18.00 and 19.30. Around twenty short films from different students witin the Fine Art Department of Cumbria institute of the Arts. Free and everyone welcome.

Organized and curated by Henrik Hedinge and Daniel Bevan with the kind support of Alan Towers and Lonsdale City Cinema and Cumbria Institute of the Arts. All the films will be rescreened at the Unit Bar all through the night togehter with Newcaste and Carlisle DJs at the turntables.

by Meohail Esoreel (?)

by Johanna Gullin (Sverige)

Cash Point
by Karl Lindwall (Sverige)

Ego and
Your Love, My Love
by Adam Sheldon (England/USA)

by Emma Perry (England)

by Caroline Seaman (Wales)

Transition (Different Language)
by Joel Ava Makinson (England)

Endless decisions
by Katrin Östlundh (Sverige)

by Kathy Toth (Sverige)

by Jenny Holliday (Scotland)

Sunset at Dunure
by Elaine HM (Scotland)

by Alec Pecham (England)

To Purge All Pain
by Rachel Allen (England)

Search and
by Helen Edling (Sverige)

Journey and
“Only When I’m Dancing Can I Feel This Free”
by Pui Lee (England)

Ghost Train
by Kirsty Sowersby (England)

Animation 1-4 and
So, What Do You Want Out Of Life?
by Rebecca Mellor (England)

Otiose Acts
by Thomas Paul Soare (England)