sábado, 23 de noviembre de 2013

23 Nov | Exploratory talk, meal and performance | Papey Listskjul/Land Art Papa Westray | Orkney

"Henrik Hedinge ended his residency chez Papey Listskjul/Land Art Papa Westray with a combined exploratory talk, meal and performance evening. He invited all the participants to play with his memory i.e. with a memory game he made out of performance documentations of his performances in Latin America.
Then it was time for food! Warm food! Starting with traditional Swedish pea soup with a Papayan twist - ulva seaweed and palmaria palmata seaweed. Then local peeled potatoes boiled in sea water. Ending the meal with a vodka shot together with a piece of frozen jellyfish.
Food was over. Performance next! We started with buoyball. Two teams. Starting with a small buoy found on the beach as the football. After the first goal we changed to a bigger buoy and played with that one until someone scored. Then a bigger buoy etc.
The event ended with Henrik doing a local adaption of his performance from the Exist-ence 5 performance festival in Australia, but here with whale bones from a whale that stranded on our shores some years ago." 

viernes, 15 de noviembre de 2013

Nov | Residency | Papey Listskjul/Land Art Papa Westray | Orkney

By a generous invitation of Papey Listskjul/Land Art Papa Westray I spent a month exploring the island and combining the experiences with my own practice as an artist.
Collecting seaweeds. Learning seaweed names. Cocking seaweeds for food. Swimming with seals. Dancing Orkney folk dances. Learning how to make Clapshot. Exploring local etymology for Jellyfish (skoldur). Sperm whale ribbs. Cakes. Hong Kong pancakes. Muckle Supper.