sábado, 23 de noviembre de 2013

23 Nov | Exploratory talk, meal and performance | Papey Listskjul/Land Art Papa Westray | Orkney

"Henrik Hedinge ended his residency chez Papey Listskjul/Land Art Papa Westray with a combined exploratory talk, meal and performance evening. He invited all the participants to play with his memory i.e. with a memory game he made out of performance documentations of his performances in Latin America.
Then it was time for food! Warm food! Starting with traditional Swedish pea soup with a Papayan twist - ulva seaweed and palmaria palmata seaweed. Then local peeled potatoes boiled in sea water. Ending the meal with a vodka shot together with a piece of frozen jellyfish.
Food was over. Performance next! We started with buoyball. Two teams. Starting with a small buoy found on the beach as the football. After the first goal we changed to a bigger buoy and played with that one until someone scored. Then a bigger buoy etc.
The event ended with Henrik doing a local adaption of his performance from the Exist-ence 5 performance festival in Australia, but here with whale bones from a whale that stranded on our shores some years ago." 

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