martes, 22 de septiembre de 2009

English: Bok och Bibliotek 2009

During the Gothenburg Book Fair I have been invited by Schultz Förlag (Stockholm/Paris) to present four different Cartoneras from Asunción, Paraguay. In total it is around 30 different titles of poetry, short stories, collections of expressions etc. Some are written in Spanish, some in a mixture of Spanish and Portuguese, others mixing Spanish, Portuguese and Guaraní (the indigenous language in Paraguay).
Some more info about where to find us at the fair here.
I will also present "Performance en Cartón".   A collection of performance documentations from all over Latin America and Burma, which I and Felicita Cartonera presented at the book fair of Asunción some months ago. The plan is now to publish it together with local cartoneras in Buenos Aires, Lima, Mexico City, Sao Paolo and in some way in Puerto Rico. The idea was also to translate if for the presentation at the Gothenburg Book fair but due to a lack of time, this has not been completed.
Earlier blogposts of "Performance en Cartón" at the Book Fair of  Asuncións and at the contemporary art gallery Planta Alta in Asunción, (both in Paraguay), here, articles in Paraguay and Puerto Rico here and in Sweden here.
The four Paraguayan publishers are:
Felicita Cartonera Hembyense  mostly castellano or castellano salvaje (castellano guariníficado)
YiyiJambo  mostly on portuñol salvajem
Mburikujarmi Kartonera guaraní with icluded spanish translations.
 guaraní with spanish translations.

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