lunes, 14 de septiembre de 2015

MigAA workshop | Serendipity: Thinking Against Logic | Nida, Lithuania

Once again of to enjoy and explore a MigAA workshop "Serendipity: Thinking Against Logic"

My initial statement>>>


Touching down in Tromsö. Sapmi language discussion over some beer. I mention that the only Finnish word my mother has taught me was the Finnish word for fire - tuli. Aha they say dolla and tula. I look into the Russian - Kildin Sapmi dicionary that I have carried with me as some inpenetrable soduko exercize: огонь (RU) - тōлл (Kildin Sapmi).

How would the function of serendipity work differently in the field of structured humanistic sciences such as linguistic as compared to within the natural sciences?

In the age of machine translation what would the human brain do 'wrong'/differently/discover?

Serendipity in a closed system such as all the worlds languages i.e. they will always connect. Serendipidity in a more linear natural scientific scheme such as physics.

Sergei Starostin combining all possible language data into his
The Tower of Babel Big data processing by data servers? A dada poets wet dream?
Language. Turkish Dil. Azerbajani Dil. Kazach Тіл. Baskhir Тел. Mongol Хэл.<<<

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