sábado, 1 de febrero de 2014

1 - 28 Feb | Residency | Nida Art Colony | Nida, Lithuania

Into the Baltic See. (sic)

I have explored our relationship to the sea/Atlantic sea via number of artistic residencies stretching from Orkney in the south, to Lofoten north of the polar circle via Bergen and Stavanger. In-sea performances. Etymology of jellyfish, seaweeds and fish around the North Atlantic. A search for sustainable future maritime food resources experimenting with jellyfish, seaweeds and sea water. The history, the present and the future of our maritime endeavors ranging from the sewn Sapmi boats to future subsea oil platforms.

Exploring the local maritime traditions and histories via interviews, encounters and meetings. Local etymology to understand the historic connection to the sea and local cultural patterns. Modern science and engineering to understand what is needed in a sustainable future.

Looking for new sustainable balances with our seas. Coexistence. Via food experiments. With performances to engage, inspire and invent new ways of sharing our seas.

The Baltic sea. The Klaipeda region. A different sea. A different cultural road crossing. Lithuanian. Baltic. Polish. Russian. Swedish. Long history. Modern harbor. An eutrophicated sea. An unknown sea for me. Please show it to me.

Come into the Baltic See with me.


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