lunes, 14 de junio de 2010

28 Mayo: Video en Lima

The video GenderFluxβ (2009/2010) was shown in Lima at the Videoada event at the cultural space called El Galpon.
Some more info here

Conceptual text about the video and the over all project GenderFlux:
"People looking for their persona. Their personality. Looking for their body of desire or being lost in their own body. Hetero normal ways of living are changing. Hormones changing bodies and personas voluntarily or forced by pollution. Fast information flux in the era of internet making us dream and feel many more things than before.

Before maybe you felt that you were a man or a woman or gay. In today's twitter flow of quick information, desires and conceptions change quicker and quicker. No time to change your gender. Your gender has become a constant flow of gender metamorfis. GenderFlux."

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